How it Works

Brewing Kindness Events

During Year One, each month, Brewing Kindness will work with a different brewery, which will brew a beer for a local charity. The brewery will donate $1 per pint to the charity. Each promotion will kick off with a big event to launch the beer in coordination with the charity. The designated charity will host the event at the brewery.

In addition to ongoing beer sales of the new brew, these kick-off events will help raise funds for the charity.

The Math

Assume a brewhouse sells 20 half barrels of the charity brew (approximately 100-120 pints per keg). That’s 2,000 pints at $1 per pint ($2,000) dollars plus the money from the kickoff event. All of the money goes to the local charity. Brewing Kindness receives none of the money raised. Brewing Kindness will make run the organization using money raised from national sponsors, social media donations, YouTube channel ads, swag sales (mugs, shirts, caps) and other revenue streams.


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