About BK

Brewing Kindness launched during the Spring of 2020. It could be said the journey started decades ago when our founder, Chet Brett, was born into a big Irish Catholic family on Long Island. Chet has done everything from working with the Three Stooges in Hollywood to lobbying Congress in Washington. From spinning records for a local radio station outside Portland, Maine to producing films in New York City.

Been Here, Done This

Brewing Kindness founder Chet Brett got the idea for this nonprofit organization after years of running special promotions for craft brewers and beer sellers. In the fall of 2019 for example, Chet managed the brewing of Hilltopper Pride Pale Ale at 2 Hound Red, in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. They released it the Friday night of homecoming weekend for Glenbard West. They called the brew, Hilltopper Pride Pale Ale and raised approximately $3,500 for Glenbard West and the Glen Ellyn community.

The event raised money in a variety of ways. The organizers went into the local community and asked for and received approximately 25-30 gifts and gift certificates which were raffled off at the event. The brewery 2 Houd Red donated glasses that sold or $5 each. A raffle raised over $1,000. The event was a huge success and that along with the dollar per pint helped Brewing Kindness raise more than $3,500 helping make the world a little better one brew at a time.

You can learn more about how the organization will operate at our How it Works page.

Brewing Kindness Mission Statement

“Making the world a little better one brew at a time.”  Traveling the country with camera in hand, Founder Chet Brett connects community charities to their local brewery and raises awareness through social media and live events as well as funds through raffles and the creation and sales of a craft beer in the charities’ namesake, all while promoting the local brewery and their “Brewing Kindness”.

Nonprofit Status

Brewing Kindness is currently in the process of registering as a nonprofit corporation and will then apply for 501(c)(3) status as a charity with the IRS.

How you Can Help

Brewing Kindness can use the following:

•Seed money to help with incorporation expenses and website building. We can use donations of time/expertise if you are an attorney or IT professional.

•Commitments for events from breweries.


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